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We are currently working in Panama City and my number there is +(507) 67276722 Check out the "Mike's News" section to find out why.

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to our new multihull oriented website. Glad to have you aboard! It is my intention to guide you through the purchase or sale of your vessel; to help those who are creating fine cats and tris; and to satisfy all that curiosity that always arises when we start to dream of distant horizons, blue seas, uncaught fish, foreign cultures, those pretty wee bays not far from home, that race or cruise with your friends and family, the type of vessel for you, how to get you and your family on the's a long list, and a fair challenge, no matter what your experience, background or capabilities - but I feel we are up to it.

Do take the time to check out the FAQ section, and feel free to email me any further questions you may have.

Recommended too, is our extensive photo gallery. Going to sea exposes us to all manner of adventure, whether we venture across the bay or out into the great oceans. Check out the photos and put yourself in the frame. Remember, it is always possible to be there yourself, and we are here to help you realise your desire to do so. So, go ahead and enjoy these images of me and my crews out there doing it!

Fair winds and following seas to you all........                                                      


Our Skipper

Our skipper, Mike Barker, has an enviable sailing CV to go with his equally enviable sales CV - having sold and sailed more multihulls than any other living New Zealander. He's been sailing for 49 years and has probably covered more offshore miles, in a greater variety of multihulls, than any of his countrymen. Not sure how he fares in the coastal mileage stakes, but has twice done 17 coastal deliveries in a single year.

Mike has cruised and raced throughout the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Caribbean, Tasman and Mediterranean seas; has been a charter skipper, delivery skipper, salvor, broker, club coach and sailing teacher, racer and cruiser. Since 1979 he has focussed his attentions on multihulls particularly, although he continued to sail and sell all types of vessels until 1986, when he became New Zealands first dedicated multihull broker. Today he is New Zealand's only multihull specialist, and when it comes to multihull design and construction Mike and his very experienced team know what works and what doesn't. He sees himself as a sailor rather than salesperson, so expect to be told the truth and expect to see a good standard of vessels on this site. If Mike wouldn't go to sea in it, he won't expect you to either - nor allow it. 

With over 3500 sailing pupils at many levels, (to his credit) Mike has learned to pass on his vast experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to buyers, sellers and the merely curious. And he's happy just to talk sailing, it's his obssession after all.

The Skipper

Fusion 40

 Check out the new Fusion 40 at our new sailing multihull
 page and see what all the excitement is about.

 These are available from lock up stage to extensively specced complete vessel ready for your voyage, or any stage in between. You choose what's right for you and your family.

Escape 17 SOLD OUT.

The 16' 7" Escape PlayCat is about fun and afforadability.
This 220- pound, user friendly beach cat can empower anyone to sail from kids to adults.

The hulls are canted outward to add stability and the sail plan made simple by eliminating the boom and jib. The fully-battened North Sails Mylar is well shaped. One of the best features is the squarish, balanced spade rudders tucked behind the protection of long, shallow keel fins.

The PlayCat has a light, responsive feel on the tiller bar, and the trampoline is snag-free and comfortable for laid-back sailing

Wind Rider 17

The trailerable beach trimaran from World renowned designer Jim Brown. Bring the family or friends or even the dog. Or just go for an adventure yourself. These versatile and fast little trimarans are very safe and extraordinarily forgiving. Away for the day, away for the week, your choice. Check them out at our new sailing multihulls page. We have an exciting DVD from designer Jim Brown. Email us and we will send you a free copy.

Used Vessels

We feature a range of excellent used craft too. We recognise that just as much time, effort and money can be spent (wasted?) on bad boats as good boats so we endeavour to list only those boats that pass Mike's very high standards. And yes, every now and then we encounter a monohull that deserves to be on this site, but it would have to be an outstanding vessel indeed to appear here. Check all these out at our Used Boats pages.

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